Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Evening with Flannel...

This event was easily one of the most anticipated events during Perth Fashion Festival, Unfortunately I couldnt go to the show but L of Peanut Moonbeam Knickers was able to attend this wonderful lounge 1920's themed fashion show and it would've been an absolute dream to have attended the show, PFF completely transformed Fashion Paramount into something like I've never seen before... I heard from guests that the show was not like any other Perth Fashion Festival event they had attended before. But thats what this year at PFF was all about, to expect the unexpected, these big changes really did keep PFF attendees on their toes.
Check out this wonderful clip of the show, although you couldn't be there at least you can watch this short clip!
Here are some shots from the rest of the evening....

Photos by bohdan warchomij from Metaphor Online

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capsule #1 - Starting on a High

What I love about the Designer Capsules is that each designer can represent there 15-20 looks there own way, they get to really express themselves as a designer through styling, music and of course they get to pick there own models too... This Capsule in particular is something I couldn't wait for... I just couldn't wait to see what Lisa Marjanovich, The Butcher the Crow, Daniella Caputi Zsadar had to offer!

The Butcher & The Crow



Lisa Marjanovich

Daniella Caputi

Last year the Designer Cpasules were such a highlight for me, the debut of Zsadars designs blew the audience away and Shane did not dissapoint with outrageous prosthetics attacthed to the models faces and heads, incredible body jewelery also adorned the faces of the models, this is the second time that Alister Yiap and Shane have come together for a how, this time I really hope they collaborate and sell some of these pieces!

Thats all for now... My nets capped until the 3rd!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Morrison opens Fashion Paramount

After a day of hair and makeup and running on the runway myself it was nice to sit in the crowd and take in all of the wonderfulness that is at Fashion Paramount... Morrison was the first to open at Fashion Paramount and I was seriously blown away by this years collections, the peplums and the leather dresses really were something! If you didn't head to the show you can view more here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

VIP Opening Night!

Although I didn't have accreditation to this show I was lucky enough to receive a spare ticket from L... And boy was I glad that I did, the collection from One Fell Swoop was truly magical these young designers really are the next big thing, both hair and makeup was dramatic but didn't steal the attention away from the collection! Beautiful fabrics, incredible draping pretty much everything I am dreaming about right now!

The Town Hall was filled to the brim, A standing show and being the shorty that I am I didn't get the best shots so check out some wonderful imagery on WA Today or on L's Blog where you can have a peak at what I wore that evening too!
You can see more on One Fell Swoop's website here...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sass & Bide, It's all in black and white

Bring on Spring 2013, this years shows that have hit the Runway in London have really blown my mind I've read reviews where a few have made comments about the constant black and white colour scheme that is hitting the runways, I welcome the change I mean florals again? Neon again? nothing is as good as black and white, you can take it from season to season and of course you can always match it with your bold separates. The Sass & Bide black & white themed collection is easily one of my favourites I have seen to date , one of the best things about the Sass & Bide label is that so many of the designs are so easy to wear and you can take them from day to night with a few accessories or none at all. 

 Ridiculously good... Can't wait for this to drop into Boutiques everywhere...