Friday, February 24, 2012

Makeup Shake Up

A while ago I won a giveaway on the Hip & Haute blog... It changed my life, I'm not even joking... I'm all about being organized especially when it comes to makeup. Although I may be a "fashion" blogger I love my makeup just as much and when Sarah introduced this giveaway I had all my fingers crossed that I would win and I did!

Introducing the Makeup Box & The Brush holder!

And now introducing the jumble of makeup that was stashed in 3 different bathroom drawers!

And with a little bit of make up tetris I give you makeup organization at its best!!

I cheated a little bit, I actually bought new brushes today because my other ones were so mis matched and DYING! I also received a beauty pod (The pink thing above)

It's such a dream to use you dunk this in to water and it swells up, then you apply your base so if you aren't one to use primer this makes your makeup glide on with ease.

For me I keep my lipsticks & Gloses in the top drawer. Eye shadows, mascara & liners in the second drawer. Bronzers & blushes in the third and finall my bases, illuminators & pressed powders in the last drawer!

The set I have is the Small Glamour Makeup box set! Which you can find here

In the meantime check out the Makeup Box Shop and the range of products they have on offer! For the record the Makeup Box Shop is an Australian owned company and they are based in Queensland, I've got to say this is one of the best ideas for makeup storage yet!

Thanks Sarah! Best Giveaway I've won in a LONG time! I may not have a collection like you just yet but I'm well on my way! Check out Sarah's post and how she uses her makeup box!


  1. What a FAB prize, congrats gorgeous girl!

  2. Yay! That make up box is so awesome, oh the organisation!


  3. Makeup shake has been described in the post here. Read to know more

  4. The makeup shake is great. Know all about it


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