Thursday, August 30, 2012

Restyle Day 30 - End of an era...

An end of an Era, that's how it feels for me! This past month has been absolutely chaotic when it comes to blogging and my life outside the blog... But more on that later. Over the past month I have posted more outfits than I have during the entire lifespan of Blonde Suburbia! I can't believe its over... In the meantime I can't wait for the Restyle Runway show it is going to be awesome, if you can get down there you can see us strut our stuff, or watch me stumble either way it will be a great show and all of this was for such a great cause and it couldn't have been done without Lotterywest & Perth Fashion Festival!
Although my approach to Restyle is a little different, yes a lot of my items were my own throughout the month. But I have managed to pick up some incredible staples that I wouldn't of even dreamed of picking up in an Op Shop. My leather numbers are easily my favourite and my black sparkly cooper St dres for a mere $12? This challenge has definitely opened up my eyes and left my bank account looking a little healthier. Up until this challenge I rarely spent anytime in ANY opshops but even after these 30 days I know I'll be back in an Op Shop soon again!



  1. Congratulations babe, you and all the bloggers involved did an amazing job, and definitely opened my eyes up too! Definitely need to go op-shopping soon!


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