Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capsule #1 - Starting on a High

What I love about the Designer Capsules is that each designer can represent there 15-20 looks there own way, they get to really express themselves as a designer through styling, music and of course they get to pick there own models too... This Capsule in particular is something I couldn't wait for... I just couldn't wait to see what Lisa Marjanovich, The Butcher the Crow, Daniella Caputi Zsadar had to offer!

The Butcher & The Crow



Lisa Marjanovich

Daniella Caputi

Last year the Designer Cpasules were such a highlight for me, the debut of Zsadars designs blew the audience away and Shane did not dissapoint with outrageous prosthetics attacthed to the models faces and heads, incredible body jewelery also adorned the faces of the models, this is the second time that Alister Yiap and Shane have come together for a how, this time I really hope they collaborate and sell some of these pieces!

Thats all for now... My nets capped until the 3rd!

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  1. My god I love Butcher and the Crow... Always have!


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